Grossman Endodontics Pdf

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Grossman Endodontics Pdf
Grossman Endodontics Pdf

Contents in Grossman Endodontics Pdf

This book pdf has a total of 22 chapters. These names are the followings:

  1. The Dental Pulp and Periradicular Tissues
  2. Microbiology
  3. Clinical Diagnostic Methods
  4. The Rationale of Endodontic Treatment
  5. Diseases of the Dental Pulp
  6. Diseases of the Periradicular Tissues
  7. Endodontic Emergencies
  8. Selection of Cases for Treatment
  9. Principles of Endodontic Treatment
  10. Vital Pulp Therapy, Pulpotomy, and Apexification
  11. Regenerative Endodontics
  12. Anatomy of Pulp Cavity and Its Access Opening
  13. Shaping and Cleaning of the Radicular Space: Instruments and Techniques
  14. Irrigants and Intracanal Medicaments
  15. Obturation of the Radicular Space
  16. Procedural Errors: Prevention and Management
  17. Prosthodontic Considerations in Endodontically Treated Teeth
  18. Treatment of Traumatized Teeth
  19. Endodontic–Periodontic Interrelationship
  20. Endodontic Surgery
  21. Bleaching of Discolored Teeth
  22. Lasers in Endodontics

Important Questions of Endodontics

Which of the following is a common symptom of irreversible pulpitis?
a) Tooth sensitivity to cold and hot stimuli
b) Prolonged toothache relief with analgesics
c) Gum recession
d) Tooth discoloration
Answer: a) Tooth sensitivity to cold and hot stimuli

What is the term used for the space between the root canal filling material and the root canal wall?
a) Apical foramen
b) Access cavity
c) Furcation
d) Lateral canal
Answer: d) Lateral canal

Which type of radiograph is essential for determining the length and curvature of a root canal?
a) Panoramic radiograph
b) Bitewing radiograph
c) Periapical radiograph
d) Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT)
Answer: c) Periapical radiograph

Which condition results from the inflammation of the tissues around the apex of a tooth’s root?
a) Periapical abscess
b) Gingivitis
c) Pulpal necrosis
d) Dentin hypersensitivity
Answer: a) Periapical abscess

The “master apical file” refers to the largest file used in a root canal treatment to reach the apex. What is its purpose?
a) Remove infected dentin
b) Create a glide path for smaller files
c) Clean the pulp chamber
d) Measure the working length of the canal
Answer: d) Measure the working length of the canal

Which of the following is a vital part of root canal treatment, often performed after cleaning and shaping the canal?
a) Filling the canal with gutta-percha
b) Applying a temporary filling
c) Extracting the tooth
d) Administering antibiotics
Answer: a) Filling the canal with gutta-percha

Questions of Endodontics

Which dental material is commonly used for pulp capping in cases of reversible pulpitis?
a) Dental amalgam
b) Composite resin
c) Glass ionomer cement
d) Zinc oxide-eugenol cement
Answer: c) Glass ionomer cement

What is the main function of an endodontic sealer during root canal treatment?
a) Dissolve pulp tissue remnants
b) Prevent microbial leakage
c) Remove calculus deposits
d) Anesthetize the tooth
Answer: b) Prevent microbial leakage

Which type of root canal morphology exhibits multiple canals that merge into one main canal near the apex?
a) Type I
b) Type II
c) Type III
d) Type IV
Answer: b) Type II

What is the recommended procedure for disinfecting the root canal during treatment?
a) Using alcohol-based irrigants
b) Rinsing with water only
c) Applying chlorhexidine gel
d) Irrigating with sodium hypochlorite
Answer: d) Irrigating with sodium hypochlorite

Details of the pdf Grossman Endodontics Book

Book NameGrossmans Endodontic Practice
Author NameB. Suresh Chandra & V. Gopikrishna
Pdf LanguageEnglish
Pdf Size64.8 MB
Total Pages576
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