RC Mukherjee Physical Chemistry Pdf

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RC Mukherjee Physical Chemistry Pdf
RC Mukherjee Physical Chemistry

Contents in RC Mukherjee Physical Chemistry Pdf

In this pdf book, There are a total of 22 chapters. These given as following:

  1. Elementary Problems Based on the Definition of Mole: The Mole Concept
  2. Problems Based on Equations: Stoichiometry
  3. Eudiometry or Gas Analysis
  4. Atomic Weight
  5. Molecular Weight
  6. Chemical Equivalence
  7. Volumetric Calculations
  8. Electrolysis and Electrolytic Conductance
  9. Estimation of Elements in Organic Compounds
  10. Empirical, Molecular, and Structural Formulae
  11. Atomic Structure and Radioactivity
  12. Properties of Gases
  13. Dilute Solution and Colligative Properties
  14. Chemical Thermodynamics
  15. Chemical Equilibrium
  16. Ionic Equilibrium in Aqueous Solutions
  17. Chemical Kinetics
  18. Electromotive Force
  19. Oxidation Number and Balancing of Redox Reactions
  20. Solid and Liquid States
  21. Miscellaneous Problems for Revision
  22. Miscellaneous Objective Questions

Important Questions of Physical Chemistry

Q Which of the following statements is true regarding the ideal gas law, PV = nRT?
A) P represents the number of moles of gas.
B) V is the gas constant.
C) n represents pressure.
D) R is the universal gas constant.

Ans. D) R is the universal gas constant.

Q What is the name for a substance that speeds up a chemical reaction without being consumed in the process?
A) Catalyst
B) Reactant
C) Inhibitor
D) Product

Ans. A) Catalyst

Q Which of the following is a colligative property of a solution?
A) Boiling point elevation
B) Color
C) Density
D) Viscosity

Ans. A) Boiling point elevation

Q What is the process called when a gas changes directly to a solid without becoming a liquid?
A) Deposition
B) Sublimation
C) Condensation
D) Fusion

Ans. A) Deposition

Q What is the unit for the equilibrium constant (K) in a chemical reaction?
A) Moles per liter (mol/L)
B) Atmospheres (atm)
C) No units
D) Kelvin (K)

Ans. C) No units

Q Which of the following factors does NOT affect the rate of a chemical reaction?
A) Temperature
B) Concentration of reactants
C) Surface area of reactants
D) Pressure

Ans. D) Pressure

Q What is the process by which a gas changes into a liquid?
A) Sublimation
B) Condensation
C) Vaporization
D) Deposition

Ans. B) Condensation

Q What is the SI unit for the amount of substance (moles)?
A) Gram (g)
B) Kilogram (kg)
C) Mole (mol)
D) Meter (m)

Ans. C) Mole (mol)

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Book NameModern Approach To Chemical Calculations
Author NameRC Mukharjee
Pdf LanguageEnglish
Pdf Size5.8 MB
Total Pages923
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