Shankar IAS environment pdf in hindi 9th Edition

Shankar IAS environment pdf in hindi Download 9th Edition, Latest Edition pdf from here, PDF For Shankar IAS environment book in hindi 9th edition download, शंकर आईएएस एनवायरनमेंट बुक पीडीएफ़ डाउनलोड फ्री, Shankar IAS Environment book notes Latest 8th edition free download.

Dear Aspirants of UPSC Civil Service examination here we are with for your study material at free, In this article we provide the environment shankar ias book in hindi 9th edition, you can either read here or download the full copy to study anywhere. shankar ias notes in hindi available at our website.

Environment book by shankar ias pdf in hindi


  • Ecology
  • History of Ecology
  • Food Web
  • Environment And its Component
  • Levels of organizations in Ecology
  • Functions of an Ecosystem
  • Energy Flow
  • Food Chain
  • Ecological Pyramids
  • Pollutants and trophic level
  • Biotic Interaction
  • Bio-geo Chemical Cycle
  • Ecological Succession
  • Tundra
  • Biome
  • Forest Ecosystem
  • Indian Forest Types
  • Ecosystem Rainforest
  • Deciduous Monsoon Forest
  • Bread Basket Region
  • Primary Consumer
  • Ecological Explosion
  • Ecotone
  • Chemosynthesis
  • Miss Semple
  • Possibilism
  • Stratosphere
  • Biosphere
  • Species types
  • Nutritional Eutrophication
  • Acid Rain
  • Marble cancer
  • Soil Types
  • Biogeographical Realm
  • Xerophytic
  • Nitrogen Cycle
  • Greenhouse Gas
  • Biodiversity Hotspots
  • Ozone Depletion
  • Club of Rome
  • Planktonic
  • Biological Magnification
  • Young Lakes

Tips for attempt UPSC IAS Prelims

    • Regardless of how hard you concentrate and how much prospectus you cover, you can’t pro the prelims without endeavoring a lot of false tests. Endeavor 40+ false tests, including sectional and full-length, Shankar IAS environment pdf in hindi general investigations as well as CSAT. It is fitting that you likewise go through essentially the past 10 years’ real issue papers alongside endeavoring the false tests.
    • The thumb rule is: On the off chance that you have perused it just a single time, you have not perused it by any means. Different modifications are the way in to the maintenance of huge pieces of data across subjects. Rather than perusing countless books.
    • Keep away from somewhat late frenzy and FOMO. Stay away from any new books or assets at this stage, except if fundamental. Consequently, just reconsider your notes. Doing so will save you a ton of significant investment and furthermore assist you with centering your endeavors Shankar IAS environment pdf in hindi.
    • In spite of the fact that CSAT is of a passing sort, disregarding it could be your greatest imprudence. Consistently, many promising applicants cross the cut-off for the GS paper however don’t clear CSAT. Put away a couple of devoted days or an hour or so day to day for CSAT readiness.

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Shankar IAS Environment 9th Edition Book Details:-

पुस्तक का नाम (Name of the Book)Shankar IAS Environment 9th Edition Book
लेखक (Author)शंकर (Shankar)
भाषा (Language)English
पृष्ठों की संख्या (Number of Pages )448
PDF Size50 MB

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