SN Chugh Medicine Book Pdf

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SN Chugh Medicine Book Pdf
SN Chugh Medicine Book Pdf

Contents in SN Chugh Medicine Book Pdf

This book has the 4 units with a total of 20 chapters. These names are the followings:


  1. History Taking
  2. Analysis of Systemic Symptoms


  1. General Physical Examination
  2. The Head, Scalp, Skin, and Hair
  3. The Eyes
  4. The Mouth and the Pharynx
  5. The Ear, Nose, Sinuses, and Throat
  6. The Neck
  7. The Breast and the Axillae
  8. The Extremities


  1. The Cardiovascular System (CVS)
  2. The Respiratory System
  3. The Abdomen
  4. The Urogenital System and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  5. The Nervous System
  6. The Examination of Unconscious Patient
  7. The Locomotor System
  8. The Blood
  9. The Psychiatric Assessment
  10. The Endocrinal System

Important Questions of General Medicine

Question 1: What is the normal range of fasting blood glucose levels (in mg/dL) for an adult without diabetes?
a) 70-100
b) 120-150
c) 160-200
d) 220-250
Answer: a) 70-100

Question 2: Which organ is primarily affected by cirrhosis?
a) Heart
b) Kidneys
c) Liver
d) Lungs
Answer: c) Liver

Question 3: What is the most common type of stroke?
a) Hemorrhagic stroke
b) Ischemic stroke
c) Transient ischemic attack (TIA)
d) Embolic stroke
Answer: b) Ischemic stroke

Question 4: Which vitamin deficiency leads to the condition known as scurvy?
a) Vitamin A
b) Vitamin B12
c) Vitamin C
d) Vitamin D
Answer: c) Vitamin C

Question 5: Which of the following conditions is characterized by inflammation of the joints, pain, and limited range of motion?
a) Osteoporosis
b) Rheumatoid arthritis
c) Diabetes mellitus
d) Hypertension
Answer: b) Rheumatoid arthritis

Question 6: What is the primary function of the respiratory system?
a) Pump blood throughout the body
b) Digest food and absorb nutrients
c) Exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide
d) Produce hormones for growth
Answer: c) Exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide

Question 7: Which virus is responsible for causing chickenpox?
a) Measles virus
b) Rubella virus
c) Varicella-zoster virus
d) Influenza virus
Answer: c) Varicella-zoster virus

Important Questions about General Medicine

Question 8: Which condition is characterized by a sudden, severe headache, often referred to as the “worst headache of my life”?
a) Migraine
b) Cluster headache
c) Tension headache
d) Subarachnoid hemorrhage
Answer: d) Subarachnoid hemorrhage

Question 9: What is the leading cause of chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease?
a) Hypertension
b) Diabetes mellitus
c) Autoimmune disorders
d) Genetic mutations
Answer: b) Diabetes mellitus

Question 10: Which of the following is a classic symptom of myocardial infarction (heart attack)?
a) Visual disturbances
b) Numbness in the legs
c) Severe abdominal pain
d) Crushing chest pain
Answer: d) Crushing chest pain

Question 11: What is the primary function of the hormone insulin in the body?
a) Stimulating growth hormone production
b) Regulating blood sugar levels
c) Controlling blood pressure
d) Enhancing immune response
Answer: b) Regulating blood sugar levels

Question 12: Which virus is responsible for causing the common cold?
a) Influenza virus
b) Rhinovirus
c) Coronavirus
d) Herpes simplex virus
Answer: b) Rhinovirus

Question 13: Which condition is characterized by a deficiency of red blood cells, leading to fatigue, weakness, and pale skin?
a) Hypertension
b) Anemia
c) Osteoporosis
d) Hyperthyroidism
Answer: b) Anemia

Question 14: What is the recommended interval for a routine mammogram screening for breast cancer in average-risk women?
a) Every year
b) Every 2 years
c) Every 3 years
d) Every 5 years
Answer: b) Every 2 years

Question 15: Which type of diabetes is an autoimmune disorder that destroys insulin-producing cells in the pancreas?
a) Type 1 diabetes
b) Type 2 diabetes
c) Gestational diabetes
d) Prediabetes
Answer: a) Type 1 diabetes

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Book NameClinical Methods in Medicine : Clinical Skills and Practices
Author NameSN Chugh
Pdf LanguageEnglish
Pdf Size19.3 MB
Total Pages555
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