What is Modern Slavery ?

It refers to situations of exploitation that a person cannot refuse or leave because of threats, violence, coercion, or deception.

Modern Slavery Index is published by Walk Free Foundation

Modern Slavery in Countries

11 million people in India

2.6 million people in North Korea

5.8 million people in China

2.3 million people in Pakistan

Most Prevalent

North Koera            104.6

Saudi Arbia              21.3

Mauritania               32.0

Eritrea                      90.3

Turkiye                     15.6

Prevalence Rate


Least Prevalent

Switzerland            0.5

Netherlands            0.6

Germany                  0.6

Norway                    0.5

Sweden                    0.6

Prevalence Rate


Modern Slavery Includes

Human Trafficking

Forced Marriage

Forced Labour

Debt Bondage

Worst forms of Child Labour

Factors of Modern Slavery

Social Media

Perpetrators able to target multiple people in different locations, access their personal information, and exploit vulnerabilities.

Factors of Modern Slavery


The promise of decent wages and steady employment attracts many migrants to the Arab States. However reality differs.

“We can do more than cry for the millions of oppressed modern slaves around the world. As free people, it is our duty to use our voices to speak for the voiceless.”

Yeonmi Park