International Olympic Day  2023

Olympic Day is  based on the three pillars; 1. Move 2. Learn 3. Discover

On this day commemorates the founding of the International Olympic Committee in the year 1894 by  Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

The first ever Olympic Day was celebrated on  23 June 1948. By Countries- Portugal, Greece, Austria,  Canada, Switzerland, Great Britain, Uruguay, Venezuela and Belgium

IOC President at the  time, Sigfrid Edström wanted to send a message to the world.

In the 1978  edition of  the International  olympic day all NOCs organize  Olympic Day to  promote the Olympic Movement.

The First time Olympic games  are held in 1886  at Athens as Summer Olympic Games

The theme of this year's Olympic Day is

'Let's Move'

Olympic Day is a festival of game, wellbeing, and being together.  it's celebrate  Every year on  23rd June