Daniel Ellsberg, the history-making American whistleblower who leaked the Pentagon Papers in 1971, has died at the age of 92

daniel Ellsberg, a former military analyst turned whistleblower, finds himself haunted by the secrecy and deception surrounding the Vietnam War

A Crisis of Conscience

Ellsberg seeks refuge with a trusted journalist, who understands the gravity of the documents he holds. Together

The Leap of Faith

He was a Harvard graduate and self-defined “cold warrior”

The Fight for Truth

The government retaliates, seeking to discredit Ellsberg and put him behind bars. Betrayed by those he once trusted

Betrayal and Redemption

Legacy of Courage

In the aftermath of the trial, Ellsberg emerges as a symbol of courage and integrity

The Fight for Truth

Decades later, as the world faces new challenges, Daniel Ellsberg's story continues to resonate.